Total Solution for Bubble Tea Business

Chen En owns the experienced & professional team and our tutors just serve and teach you exclusively in the drink-making course. Chen En provides the amazing service from the knowledge of materials, store planning, menu designing, strategy marketing and beverage promotion. Your dream of store opening will be come true in your country through by Chen En's experienced and professional assistance and service.「 Contact Us 」。

Management Consulting Services

  1. Consulting services for the must-knows of opening a store
  2. Assist in identifying the target market
  3. Make regional market analysis and research
  4. Advise business operation strategies
  5. Discuss and define brand style
  6. Teach the learning of beverage-making

Beverage-Making and Menu Development

  1. Have basic skills and concept of beverage-making
  2. Learn to plan for business operation
  3. Think of product ideas and design your own menu

Brand and Shop Interior Design

  1. Establish brand idea of CIS
  2. Assist in creating brand identity
  3. Consulting services for style and design of store

Purchasing Ingredients and Equipments

  1. Purchase ingredients
  2. Look for suppliers of consumables and equipments

Business Operation Management

  1. Consulting services for staff-training and regulation-making
  2. Consulting services for business-marketing
  3. Consulting services for cost containment and inventory
  4. Advise and plan sales promotions

plus+ plus+ Development of The Materials and Beverage Formula

Chen En has professional beverage-making lecturers (Bartender) and the R&D team for raw materials. With a professional team and dedicated staff that provide services for all products from the development of the raw materials to the application of the product, Chen En always has the latest information on beverage flavors to help clients successfully enter the local market, like the Southeast Asian market, the European market, the American market, or the Japanese market.